Nina Maya and Colin Sternberg stand side by side in front of an abstract, iridescent wall art piece. Nina, on the left, is wearing a sleeveless black dress with a subtle sweetheart neckline and bracelets on both wrists. Colin, on the right, sports a dark blue collared shirt with rolled-up sleeves and off-white pants. They are both smiling subtly and appear relaxed.

About us

Maya Sternberg Architects are a Sydney based Internationally acclaimed Architectural and Interior Design practice. We specialise in bespoke quality design that responds positively to both person and place.

Our expertise extends from a wealth of technical knowledge that includes creative thinking and strategic planning. Incorporated in our core principals are the following processes: Creative materiality, form, and function, consistency of purpose, layering of spaces and client engaged experiences.

Maya Sternberg Architects offer a variety of services during the life of any project; from Mediating the design development process, follow through of concept to design creation, Residential and commercial design solutions, and interior design packages, individualized interior design services, construction management, and complete project management.

Our Methodology encompasses a strong connection and depth of involvement with our clients from concept to completion. We believe in the strength of good communication and collaborative design, while still leading the team in the best direction to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

“Science is the exploration and understanding of what is. Art is the exploration and understanding of what can be. Architecture must be both” – Colin Sternberg.

Contact us

1 Boundary Street

Paddington, NSW 2010

Tel_   0411 711 558